Vincent Bach FHR 600 Flugel Horn

£625.00 (ex. VAT)

Product information

Bach Intermediate Model FH600 Bb Flugelhorn Bb Flugelhorn

"Aristocrat" - Key of Bb, .434" bore, two piece yellow-brass bell, third valve trigger, Stainless steel pistons, clear lacquer finish, genuine Vincent Bach 7C cornet mouthpiece, backpack style foam case

Professional Bach Designs

On this particular flugel horn, a two piece yellow brass bell has been used to give a responsive attack but with a lovely and warm sound. Rose brass has also been used on the piping to make the flugel horn extremely mellow, even in the low register that is often used for this instrument. A valve trigger has been used on the 3rd slide to improve intonation and tuning adjustments on the bottom register where the 3rd valve is used most often. Stainless steel valves have been used on the flugel horn to increase the longevity of the instrument and to prevent rusting and tarnishing.

Versatile Instrument

Whether this instrument is to be played in an orchestra, a jazz club or a brass band, the Bach FH600 flugel horn is perfect. It's beautiful and attractive tone make it an instrument that will blend in to any ensemble but it is also an instrument with a unique character for colourful and musical performances.


  • Body Material: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Clear Lacquer
  • Water Keys: 1st and 3rd Valve, main tuning slide
  • Trigger: 3rd Valve
  • Tuning: Mouthpipe

Included Accessories

  • Hard Moulded Case
  • Bach 7C Flugel Horn Mouthpiece